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Our Philadelphia SEO Services


Are you a business owner who is looking to acquire more quality customers? How about more revenue? 

Raise The Bar SEO Consulting specializes in driving quality leads  to your website, your phone lines and straight to your front door. 

Unlike other SEO services and companies in Philadelphia, we don't just offer leads, we work to make sure those leads are converting into sales, which is ultimately the whole point of internet marketing and business in general. 

 Search Engine Optimization  has the upper-hand compared to traditional tv, and radio marketing by allowing your business to be right in front of the eyes of people who are specifically looking for your services. 

With online software such as analytics, online marketing allows you to see and track real results, but you will know it was because of your decision to work with us.


Get Visible With A Professional SEO Consultant  


Our consulting team is here to make sure you become visible online. More and more people every day are using search engines like Google to find the products and services that they need. However the majority of people who do search for particular items, do not search past the first page. This means that SEO needs to be done to your site if you are looking to attract the people who are ready to buy exactly what you are offering. By leveraging our company's internet marketing experience and skill sets, you'll be able to generate a clear ROI and obtain high quality customers and clients which will allow your business to thrive above your competition. 

Getting attention and customers is the life blood of every single business out there. This is why we focus so much on web traffic. As the attention slowly moves away from television advertisements, billboards and the yellow pages, we are focusing on where your customers are looking. The internet. 


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When it comes to choosing the right marketing company to work with, its important to understand your main goals for your business. How big is your business? How much do you want to grow it? What forms of marketing and advertising have you done in the past? How many new customers can you handle per day? These are questions that are important to know going into this. Believe it or not, when we have worked with some businesses in the past, we would get their phones ringing but they wouldn't even answer it or follow back up. It's important to know that sending targeted traffic to your website is one important step, but its not the only step that's required to leveraging the power of the internet.

We will work to develop high quality link strategies, work with you to create high converting content on your website, and tracking progress with high end analytics software. Its one thing to rank for 1 keyword, its another to dominate your local industry. Don't fall for cookie cutter tactics by so called experts.

We are based in Philly, but we are able to service and guide you no matter where you may be located. So simply fill out the form below, which will then allow us to better understand what you are looking for in regards to search engine optimization and then we will be able to tell you exactly what we can do for you.

We also offer a free video analysis which includes social media and competition analysis, website optimization and more. So if you're interested in receiving this free report, be sure to fill out the Discovery Application , and simply mention that you would like to receive the free video analysis. 


NOTE - Due to the high demand for these services, we do make sure that both you and our company will be a good fit. We only work with legitimate businesses, and we do not offer get rich quick schemes or scams.  Make sure to fill out the discovery application as this allows us to better help you and your business. 

"Raise The Bar SEO Consulting has provided excellent services, far exceeding my expectations in service, friendliness and reliability. I would highly recommend them to any business owner."
James GeorgeWeb Designer- G Squared Studios

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